Labradorite Leaf Earrings

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These stunning labradorite crystal earrings are made from the most beautiful labradorite crystal.
The crystals are set in a brass cabochon and glass cut to maximise luminousity, Each earring will be slightly different due to the natural differences in this unique stone.

Labradorite is known for its healing qualities, being both a grounding, earthy crystal and an elevating one. It resembles the beautiful colours of the aurora borealis, and is a spiritual, and magical crystal.

I make each pair of earrings to order by hand in my studio. The hooks are 18ct gold plated, so are good for those with sensitive ears.

Each pair of earrings comes in a sturdy gift box


The gold components are made from brass, with a gold plated 18 inch chain. The druzy moon measures 1inch (approximately) to give you an idea of the size.